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Tiny Nest

We started the project’s design by defining what is a dream home, and what was essential to include in this off-the-grid tiny house.

Our purpose is to offer a real tiny-home alternative, oppositely to the movement of movable home that are currently on the market : down-sized and classier bungalow, providing you with «everything you need and ever wanted», without questionning the real purpose of designing smaller spaces. Our idea is to leave aside the unnecessary space that every nowaday home includes and go towards a «happy frugality».


This frugality is the main concept which accompagnied us throughout our designing process. Learning about our own experiences, we deconstructed the idea of comfort : what do we really need to happily inhabit a place?


Where to build

Ruins revealed themselves as the ideal context, allowing us to develop our design within the already existing layout of a building. This marker of time and heritage tells a story that was interrupted, that we have decided to continue here.

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We composed a building which functions completely with its surroundings: the building is widely open and face the adjoining space as well as the more further landscape. This openness is balanced by the intertwining of the structure and the translucent veil which protect its inhabitant from outside glances.

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As we expressed, the idea of comfort and how to define it was an important challenge. What is the comfort of a down-sized house, when the only process it goes through is to be shrinked, while keeping almost all the material and conceptual elements that compose a regular-size home ? We do not want to pretend to offer the same comfort rank as modern housing, but to offer a more real, more reliable experience in the daily life of its residents.

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"I use to cross two things : human needs and nature needs, and I try to make them live together, to create links. For me architecture is about giving the landscape to be seen and touched, while being comfortable."
Extrait d'interview du concours Off the Grid
Alexandra Bavière
Derrick Bavière
Jou Jeuris
Géraldine Le Bihan
Lucas Fabryka
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